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Two more tree peonies have started to flower. This one, above, is my favourite, as it has the 'wild' irregular look that I find so appealing.

The other, below, is pure white, and such a HUGE flower. At least 9 inches or more across! Alas, this one isn't as reliable and doesn't flower every year. I guess producing such large flowers takes a lot of energy for the plant.

I love this border, as it seems to work quite well through the seasons. Now, the peonies are the stars of the show and the other perennials are still in leaf, so nothing is competing with these magnificent blooms. Though, nearby, the flowers of the magnolia trees (white, pink, and deep purple) provide a perfect backdrop for the bold tree peony flowers. Later in summer when the daylilies in this bed start to flower, the tree peony foliage provides a nice contrast for those flowers.

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